Guided tours around the dairy

Come and see how a large dairy functions, the milking of the cows, the feeding and management of such a large herd. Come see the calves, the milk storage and how the whole business of dairy farming works. We find that our visitors are intrigued by what really happens on a dairy farm.

Birding tours

For the bird viewing enthusiast, we offer an exceptional variety of bird life including some very special, rare species. We can take you on a guided tour where we will do our best to show you some of these rare specials that include Wattled Cranes, Bearded Vultures, Stanley Bustards and Bald Ibis.

A more complete list consisting of some 300 species to be seen is available at the lodge. Included in this list is the possibility of seeing all three Crane species on this one property, up to 400 Cape Vultures and 14 Bearded Vultures, a myriad of waterfowl, a variety of birds of prey, many summer migrants, including hundreds of White Stalks, Auger Kestrels, Quail, 1000’s of vlei birds in the many hectares of wetlands, Fish Eagle and Osprey, and the list goes on.

Once in a while we get unusual temporary visitors like Lappet Faced Vultures, Pelicans, Flamingos, Marabou Storks… and who knows what might pop up during your visit.

If you are interested in a birding tour, please arrange this well in advance with us as we invite a professional guide to show around your group.

Bushman paintings

This area abounds with Rock Art. We have some special sites on the farm and can also arrange for you to see more Rock Art in the district if you would like to. Rock Art is special and is protected by law. Groups are taken to view the Rock Art under the supervision of a registered Rock Art Guide in order to preserve it for the future.

Tours in the District

We will happily assist in arranging visits to many of the more popular places like the local Cheese factory, the Himeville museum, or any one of the many other local places of interest in and around our beautiful district. We also arrange trips up the ever popular Sani Pass with pick ups direct from the lodge if required. Sani Pass is 4×4 essential as well as passort required.


You can walk for days around the property discovering new areas. The farm is just under 4000ha, giving you an abundance of farm to explore.  Alternatively there are a few hikes you can do in the area of Underberg.

  • Dairy & Farm Tour – R120 per person
  • Guided Trip up Sani Pass – R800 – R900 per person (depending on Tour Company used)